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French Sounds is amusing and engaging so that beginner learners will want to continue in their studies.

French Sounds will teach beginners phonemic awareness through phonics!

Learn the sound for the letter combinations. 

Create words!

In essence, teaching the beginner to read write, speak and hear French language!

An easy method with definite results!

After all at the heart of any language is sound!

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Is your child needing that little extra
to learn French?
Click here to learn how to make it easy!

French sounds is the phonemic blending, syllable building and word creating tool that will develop reading and writing skills for all learners of French language.

"If students hear it, they can say it.
If students can say it, they can read it. And if students can read it, they can write it."

With this method, you can:

  1. recognize letter combinations,
  2. recognize phonemes,
  3. pronounce the sounds,
  4. build words,
  5. learn to spell correctly,
  6. hear the audio recording
  7. use at school or at home!

Basically you can
read, write, speak and hear 
to understand French language!!

Now used in over 45 countries...
 French sounds!  
Engaging students one sound at a time!

 With our patented process, we help to teach the sounds of a new language so you can learn to comprehend and communicate faster and more effectively.

 Designed for parents to use with their children.
Our phonetic games make it easy to teach and to learn the basic sound combinations of a language in a fun, more interactive way. Students and teachers alike will find learning the phonemic building blocks of language a faster route to fine-tuning comprehension skills.

If you can learn the sounds, you can hear the words correctly. If you hear the words correctly, this will speed up the comprehension because you aren’t stumbling on phonics. If you fluidly hear the language, you can learn faster, easier and more effectively.

This game offers people the capability to:

  • listen to spoken French and assist in identifying what is being communicated.
  • ease the stress in oral presentations by having confidence in proper pronunciation
  • read fluidly in order to accelerate the comprehension process
  • write more effectively as you would know the correct combinations of sounds to form words
  • eliminate the fear of sounding incompetent
  • speak with a confidence that is acceptable and understood

 This is a beginner level game that will capture the initial stages of language building skills in order to succeed later in life.

For information about our patented process, visit our about us or news pages. Or check out the games page to preview the game. Or, simply contact us to find out about our Sound Games in more detail.

Would you like to know more about the 
Common European Framework CEFR? 

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US Patent  8678828B2   

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PA For Classroom Practice:

Use explicit activities in French to reinforce phonological awareness:

 Begin instruction with tasks at the word level and progress gradually to more difficult tasks at the syllable and phoneme levels:

– Sentences are a series of words.

– Words are a series of syllables.
– Syllables are complex phonemes.

Remember that  instruction which focuses on segmenting and blending has the greatest impact on the development of early reading skills.

Based on the research and pamphlet by Dr. Nancy Wise and Dr. Xi Chen.



"This is what is missing."
-- Claudette Landry,
TfS - Toronto French School
(quote at OMLTA Fall 2015)

"Love your app and sound games!"
Amy Murray, SERT - email quote.

My grade 1 French immersion students
love "le jeu des consonnes".  We use it
as part of our Daily 5 activities.
--Letizia Macri
gr 1. FI
St. Cecilia, TCDSB

I bought this product (both packages) at an #OMLTA conference a few years ago.
It's an excellent warm-up for my grade 2
French immersion class.
--Gabrielle Faion-Kralik
St. Cecilia, TCDSB

"WatermelonWorks makes learning fun and helps me do better in school."
-- Kevin, Student, age 7

"Our seven year old was in a French Immersion program and was struggling with reading. A teacher suggested WatermelonWorks, and today he is a solid "B" student in grade 9 at a
French First Language school. We credit WatermelonWorks' fun approach to
learning for his success."

-- Karen H., Mom (2008)

Thought you all should know my son will graduate grade 12 with honours in a
French first language school tomorrow.
The kid who people said would never make it in a French immersion program.
Watermelonworks™ made it possible!
Karen H.
 June 25, 2012

"In using this tool many of the students referred for tutoring have improved in recalling phonemic sounds and gained great confidence
in their reading skills."
Elly, HFCS, Teacher

"I am pleased to recommend French Sounds as an instructional tool for use in the French classroom or at home with parents.

I was introduced to Jen and the patented Watermelonworks™ method in 2011.  
It is a great method for teaching students how to read, write and speak French. 

Watermelonworks™ is a platform for language learning that levels the playing field for all students. After 15+ years of research and testing, Jen has created a stellar program that can be used at home or in the classroom. It takes the basic building blocks of language by breaking the language apart into sounds, allowing users to then mix up the phonemes to practice reading, speaking and writing.
My students love using it, as it is fun, motivating and challenging. It also builds confidence and reaps sustainable results. The game style platform is available digitally and in a traditional board game form which supports multiple learning styles.
It is a must for any French Second Language curriculum."


Sylvia Duckworth

Core French Teacher,

Crescent School

Toronto, ON


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